Why do people think that committing CRIME is a good idea

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The causes of crime are complex. Some are at greater risk of becoming offenders because of the circumstances into which they are born. There are several reasons people commit crime. Greed, anger, jealousy, revenge, pride etc.are some of the reasons of committing crime.

These people are making choices about their regular behavior , some even consider a life of crime is better than doing a regular job. Criminal minded people believe crime brings in greater rewards , admiration and excitement at least until they are caught.

One of the worst thing a man can do is committing a crime in different forms. Crime can take different forms like damaging , perjury , treason , robbery , blackmail , fraud , purchase of stolen goods , torture , rape and homicide. Terroristic activities also falls under this category as well.

The desire for money or expensive belongings leads to property crimes such as robberies , burglaries , white collar crimes and auto thefts . The desire for control , revenge , or power leads to violent crimes such as murders , assaults and rapes .

There can be many different causes of crime and studies conducted all around the world to understand and bring down criminal activities have been futile as youths engage in crimes for several reasons.

According to Indian kanoon crime in India can be caused due to social , economic , mental abnormality , geographical and political.

Crime occurs most frequently during the second decade and third decades of life. Males commit more crime overall and more violent crimes than females.

There are however, many complex reasons why people commit different crimes and it is a question which may not be answered just from a religious perspective.

There are many theories to explain why people commit crime but in general there is an agreement on how people become criminals. Criminal behavior fits into one , or more than one of these categories:

Criminal behavior can be caused by a person’s free choice.

Criminal behavior can be caused by a person’s environment as for example a broken home or failure at school could be a catalyst for the change of becoming a criminal.

Criminal behavior can seem like the only option for a person if they are unable to conform to society.

Criminal behavior can develop through being associated with other criminals.

Crime rate is increasing day by day. It is said that society has a direct influence in making criminals. Though Government has imposed many laws to reduce crime rate to make world a better place to live in but majority did not find expected results.

I would like to discuss about some of the reasons why people are committing crimes and what measures government could take to prevent it. First and foremost reason is unemployment and poverty. Everyone of us should have a job to reach our goals and fulfill our life.

Poverty and urbanization can be defined as the major factors which nourish street crimes and drag other instabilities alongside.Individuals who ended up behind the poverty line rely on petty thefts to get some food and survive. Urbanization has accelerated homelessness and made minor criminals a norm of the poor society. It can be especially visible while streets in small towns and metropolises.

Unemployment and poor education make people search for illegal ways of making profits. Alcohol and drug addicts compromise a huge part of criminals who start shooting or fighting trying to get substances.These factors especially influence the spread of juvenile delinquency. Teenagers who take the patterns of violent behavior from the media or family experience have a high predisposition to the street crimes as youngsters suppose they can harm other people and avoid legal consequences. The same can be said about individuals with mental disabilities.

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