Top 5 tools for programming productivity software developers

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If you think that the life of a developer is easy, then you need to rethink. The life of a developer is full of tools and software that are required to work on the projects properly. Hence, you can say that developers have a lot on their plate.

Research, planning, designing, development, testing, and launching are just the outline of what developers need to work on before the product reaches customers. On top of that, developers need to avoid all the mistakes to make it easy for them to meet deadlines, work with data, and productive tasks.

To help the developers, here are the major tools that can help in increasing productivity.

1. Time Champ

If your motive is to manage and optimize your work then it is best to go for Time Champ that offers transparency, simplicity and is easy to use. The software has made it easy for developers to organize the data for tasks and projects. This includes understandable and accurate reports, tracking the activities, assigning tasks, measuring productivity and unproductivity, etc.

2. Habitica

Next in the row is Habitica that helps in creating good habits for the developers. This tool includes the daily, weekly, and long-term goals for the developers along with to-do lists and habits. This includes some points for the developers that they can achieve after accomplishing goals.

3. Tuple

We are living in the world of remote working and hence it is becoming important to collaborate while sitting in different cities and even states. Hence, we are moving towards the tools like Slack and Zoom for communication but for code, we can go for Tuple as well. It is a tool that works on pair programming that makes it easy to share the screen for UI and control the machine remotely.

4. MantisBT

What is the most irritating thing for a developer? Bugs. It can be a real pain for the developers to come up with the best solution and avoid bugs at all costs, which is not possible. Hence, comes the web-based bug tracking system – MantisBT that makes it easy for developers to keep the track of all the errors and report them.

4. The Silver searcher

This is one of the best productivity tools for developers that can save time, is easy to use, and fast. Searching out a code from a long line of code can be a bit frustrating. Hence, it is essential to search the code easily that can save the developer’s time and sanity as they don’t have to go through the whole code to look out for a specific part.

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