Mystic Secrets of Ramayana that one Should Know

The epic story of Lord Rama and Sita along with many others like Hanuman, Ravana and their journey is called Ramayana. Though the original is believed to be the work of sage Valmiki, there are also other versions written by many other saints and Veda pundits such as the Tulasidas, sant Eknath, etc.

  1. Rama & His Beloved Sister

Almost everyone knows about Shri Ram’s parents and brothers, but very few people know that Ram also had a sister named “Shanta”.

She was the daughter of king Dashratha and his elder consort Kaushalya. Later she was adopted by king Romapada of Anga Pradesh 

She was much older than the four brothers. It is believed that once Rompad’s king Angadesh and his queen Varshini came to Ayodhya, they had no children. 

During the conversation when King Dasaratha learned about this and said that he will give his Shanta to them. On hearing this, Rompad and Varshini were very happy. They took care of her with great affection and performed all the duties of parents.

2. Laxman The Gudakesh.

Laxman who sacrificed his married life for his beloved brother (Lord Rama) & Sister in Law (Mata Sita) also sacrificed one important thing in his life to serve his brother and sister-in-law that is sleep.

It is believed that Lakshman did not sleep for the entire period of the exile of 14 years in order to protect his brother and sister- in-law. Because of this he is called Gudakesh. When the goddess of sleep appeared in front of him at the first night of the their exile to the forests and when Rama and Sita were asleep, Lakshman requested the goddess to give him the boon so that he don’t feel sleepy for the entire 14 years, just to be awake to protect his beloved brother and Sita.

The goddess was impressed by this and granted the boon on a condition that someone else has to bear his sleep. On Lakshman request the goddess visited his wife Urmila, sister of Sita. Urmila agreed to share her husband loss of sleep, and thus slept for entire 14 years. Hence the reason she is not much in the story, but a strong reason for helping Laksman to kill Ravana son Meghnad.

8. Good Facts Of Ravana.

Ravana was born to the Rakshasa princess Kaikesi in the Treta Yuga and the great Sage Vishrava (Vesamuni), Vishrava was the son of Pulastya, the brother of celebrated sage Agastya Muni and the grandson of Lord Brahma. So Technically, Ravan was Brahma’s great-grandson.

Ravana is widely considered to be a symbol of evil. Ravana was one of the greatest and most knowledgeable brahmin, Still He was the king of all the demons. Everyone was afraid of him when he was a child as he had ten heads. He had a strong faith in Lord Shiva. There is strong knowledge that Ravana was a great scholar and he studied Vedas. But did you know what was the reason for Veena as a symbol in Ravana’s flag? Ravana was an excellent veena player, due to which the veena was inscribed as a symbol in his flag. Although Ravana did not pay much attention to this art, he liked to play this instrument.

Ravan was one of the most Finest scholars, Ram asked his brother Lakshman to touch Ravana’s feet sit beside the dying demon-king and learn from him important lessons of life.

On the Flag of Ravana, it is believed there was a Veena Printed On it Since he was a great Veena Player and used to play it regularly, In many depictions of Ravan, he can be seen carrying a veena. It is believed that he had a keen interest in music and was a highly accomplished veena player.

Ravana wanted Shiva to Built a Huge mansion for Lord Shiva and wanted him to relocate from Kailash to Lanka with his Family, he tried to lift the mountrain. But Shiva, being who he is, put down his foot’s thumb onto the mountain, crushing Ravan’s finger underneath the mountain. Ravan let out a huge roar of pain, and he was so captivated by Shiva’s power, he performed the Shiva tandav stotram. It is believed that Ravan plucked out nerves from his own hand to provide accompanying music. Shiva, thus impressed, named him Ravan (the one who roars loud).

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