Mistakes beginners should avoid when learning Web Development

Mistakes beginners should avoid when learning Web Development

If you are planning to start a career in Web Development then it is essential to know all the hooks and corners. This includes the mistakes as well that many Web Developers before you have made and then suffered.

Here are some of the mistakes which beginners usually make as Web Developer.

1. Saving File Names

While saving the file, many developers try to show their talent of naming them and ending up making a mistake. The developers add the space while saving the HTML file that is one of the major mistakes to make. The web addresses, as we see, have no space between them and hence the File Names must be saved without space.

2. No Knowledge of File Paths

Beginners make a big mistake when it comes to understanding the different directories as well. It is essential to know thee root directory that can help in avoiding an unorganised file tree.

3. Case Sensitivity

A single capital letter is the name can end up with the wrong result that shows the value of the case sensitivity. The inconsistent use of capital and lowercase letters might not be problem but it can create a lot of mistakes in the next phase.

4. No Rest

As a beginner, students are usually excited to learn web development with a new tech stack. But the biggest mistake that web developers can make is not giving rest. In frustration, it is possible that the developer might misspell variables, tag, syntax error, and even miss a semicolon.

5. No Default Page Index Name

If you are coding for sometimes then you might be aware that the default page must be saved as “index”. Anything other than that is going to be a mistake.

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