MACARONI That Wins Heart! Quick- Delicious Recipe for Family & Kids

We At The ABS Food Factory always come up with recipes that are cooked with love & Can be Cooked with ease. Looking for quick easy and yummy recipe for Family & Specially kids. Mix Sauce Cheese macaroni is one such. This can be cooked with available ingredients that one may already have in our kitchen. This is a Quick & Yummy recipe kids for their school lunch break. Serve the Mix Sauce Cheese Macaroni with love.

Ingredient Macaroni

  1. Macaroni- 2 Bowl – Boil the Macaroni for 2-3 Minutes, in the meantime add TSP Edible oil. Remove the Macaroni once properly Boiled, You can also check it while pressing it gently.

To prepare the white Sauce

2. Butter- 2 TBSP Add 2 Spoon Butter in Pan and keep the pan on low flame.

3. All Purpose Flour (Maida)- 2-3: Add 2-3 spoon Maida in Melted Butter for saute it for 2-3 Minutes.

4. TBSP Milk- 1 Glass – Add 1 Glass of Room temperature milk and mix it well in butter.

5. Mix Herbs- 1TSP – Add Mix herbs a Bit in the prepared White sauce

6. Add Oil in the pan– Keep in flame on Medium

7. Onion- 2 Finely chopped. Add the Finely chopped onion in the pre- heated pan.

8. Capsicum- Half Finely chopped: Add the Chopped Capsicum.

9. Add Half A bowl Green Peas-

10. Sweet Corns- Half a Bowl – Add Half A bowl Sweet Corn.

11. Tomato- Half a Bowl– Add Half a Bowl Tomato.

12- Saute the Veggies for 4-5 Minutes

13. Add All Masala- Red Chili- 1TSP, Turmeric- 1TSP , Salt Add to Taste & Mixed Herbs.

14. Cheese – To Garnish – Serve the Recipe with love to your loved ones

Prep time:

15 mins Cook time: 30 mins

Number of servings: 3-4 persons

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