Astonishing certitude of the Lord of God “Shiva”.

The Lord Shiva is considered to be the Ultimate God, He is the destroyer, he is the creator, he is the protector. The word Shiva has been derived by reversing the letters of the word vashVash means to enlighten, thus Shiva is the one who enlightens. He remains Luminous form of everything and also the one who illuminates the Cosmos.

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The word “Shi” which is the first half of SHIVA stands for one who is the purest form of truth, perfection, Flawless, Auspicious, the best form of everything. And the word “VA” stands for the one who holds the power to Create, change, transform everything and anything.

There are a lot of studies done on Shiva, a lot of researcher tried to find some facts about Shiva, the more they digged the more they came to know that there is whole lot of endless knowledge to seek.

People spending their whole life in meditation taking the human knowledge to the next level, crossing all the boundaries of human body.

He is also considered as the of the lord of forbearance.

Lord Shiva can’t be defined in words, he is the Ultimate form of everything. Shiva is the creator of this whole cosmos. He is considered to be the god of God, one who can be convinced very easily while performing the most basic prayers with purity in heart.

He is considered to be the god of both “The Demons”, & “The Humans” .

Lets Have a look at some of the facts about lord Shiva that many won’t know.

1. He is the God who accept everything & Anything that the whole universe possess, A Devotee who surrenders himself/herself to the Lord Shiva is the most loved one.

A god who is also the Adiyogi, have absolutely no desire “freed from desire”, meaning that he isn’t interested in material possessions.

Ravana always had a desire to build the greatest, the biggest, the most beautiful Palace at Mount Kailash with the help of his brother Kuber (Lord of Wealth) to make sure that his Lord have a beautiful palace where the lord Shiva can stay with his family with all the facilities. But Lord Shiva never accepted that since he was free from all materialistic desires.

Later on Ravana Build the palace and whole country for his lord which currently is known as Sri Lanka

2. Lord Shiva depicted as 108 names which somehow describes who lord shiva is. At different times Shiva had been regarded with different names by Gods.

1ShivayaAlways PureOm Shivaya Namah
2MaheshwarayaLord Of GodsOm Maheshwaraya Namah
3ShambhaveOne Who Bestows ProsperityOm Shambhave Namah
4PinakineOne Who Has A Bow In His HandOm Pinakine Namah
5ShashishekharayaThe God Who Wears The Crescent Moon In His HairOm Shashishekharaya Namah
6VamadevayaThe God Who Is Pleasing And Auspicious In Every WayOm Vamadevaya Namah
7VirupakshayaLord Shiva With Oblique EyesOm Virupakshaya Namah
8KapardineThe Lord With Thickly Matted HairOm Kapardine Namah
9NilalohitayaThe One With Red And Blue ColourOm Nilalohitaya Namah
10ShankarayaOne Who Gives Happiness And prosperityOm Shankaraya Namah
11ShulapanayeThe One Who Carries A TridentOm Shulapanaye Namah
12KhatvangineThe God Who Carries A Knurled Club (Khatvanga)Om Khatvangine Namah
13VishnuvallabhayaThe One Who Is Dear To Lord VishnuOm Vishnuvallabhaya Namah
14ShipivishtayaThe Lord Whose Form Emits Great Rays Of LightOm Shipivishtaya Namah
15AmbikanathayaConsort of Ambika (Parvati)Om Ambikanathaya Namah
16ShrikanthayaOf Glorious NeckOm Shrikanthaya Namah
17BhaktavatsalayaThe One Who Is Favourably Inclined Towards His DevoteesOm Bhaktavatsalaya Namah
18BhavayaThe God Who Is Existence ItselfOm Bhavaya Namah
19SharvayaRemover Of All TroublesOm Sharvaya Namah
20TrilokeshayaThe Lord Of All The Three WorldsOm Trilokeshaya Namah
21ShitikanthayaThe Lord Who Has White NeckOm Shitikanthaya Namah
22ShivaPriyayaBeloved Of ParvatiOm ShivaPriyaya Namah
23UgrayaThe One Who Has Extremely Fierce NatureOm Ugraya Namah
24KapalineOne Who Wears A Necklace Of SkullsOm Kapaline Namah
25KamarayeEnemy of KamadevaOm Kamaraye Namah
26AndhakasurasudanayaThe Lord Who Killed The Asura AndhakaOm Andhakasurasudanaya Namah
27GangadharayaThe God Who Holds The Ganges River In His HairOm Gangadharaya Namah
28LalatakshayaOne Who Has An Eye In The ForeheadOm Lalatakshaya Namah
29KalakalayaHe Is The Death Of DeathOm Kalakalaya Namah
30KripanidhayeThe God Who Is The Treasure Of CompassionOm Kripanidhaye Namah
31BhimayaThe One Who Has Fearful FormOm Bhimaya Namah
32ParashuhastayaThe God Who Holds Axe In HandsOm Parashuhastaya Namah
33MrigapanayeThe God Who Possess Deer In HandsOm Mrigapanaye Namah
34JatadharayaThe God Who Keeps Tress (Jata)Om Jatadharaya Namah
35KailashavasineNative Of KailashaOm Kailashavasine Namah
36KawachineThe God Who Possess ArmourOm Kawachine Namah
37KathorayaThe God Who Has A Strong BodyOm Kathoraya Namah
38TripurantakayaThe God Who Killed TripurasuraOm Tripurantakaya Namah
39VrishankayaThe God Who Has A Flag With A Symbol Of BullOm Vrishankaya Namah
40VrishabharudhayaThe One Who Rides BullOm Vrishabharudhaya Namah
41BhasmodhulitavigrahayaThe One Who Applies Ashes All Over The BodyOm Bhasmodhulitavigrahaya Namah
42SamapriyayaThe One Who Loves With EqualityOm Samapriyaya Namah
43SwaramayayaThe God Who Lives In All Seven NotesOm Swaramayaya Namah
44TrayimurtayeThe One Who Possess Veda FormOm Trayimurtaye Namah
45AnishwarayaThe One Who Does Not Have Any LordOm Anishwaraya Namah
46SarvajnayaThe One Who Knows EverythingOm Sarvajnaya Namah
47ParamatmaneEveryone’s Own SoulOm Paramatmane Namah
48SasuryagnilochanayaThe One Who Has Eyes In The Form Of Sun, Moon And FireOm Somasuryagnilochanaya Namah
49HavisheHe Who Is Wealthy In The Form Of AhutiOm Havishe Namah
50YajnamayayaThe Architect Of All Sacrificial RitesOm Yajnamayaya Namah
51SayaThe One Who Includes The Form Of UmaOm Somaya Namah
52PanchavaktrayaGod Of The Five ActivitiesOm Panchavaktraya Namah
53SadashivayaThe One Who Is Eternally AuspiciousOm Sadashivaya Namah
54VishveshwarayaLord Of The UniverseOm Vishveshwaraya Namah
55VirabhadrayaWho Is Violent , Yet PeacefulOm Virabhadraya Namah
56GananathayaGod Of The GanasOm Gananathaya Namah
57PrajapatayeThe One Who Is The Creator Of DynastyOm Prajapataye Namah
58HiranyaretaseThe One Who Emanates Golden SoulsOm Hiranyaretase Namah
59DurdharshayaThe One who Is UnconquerableOm Durdharshaya Namah
60GirishayaLord Of MountainsOm Girishaya Namah
61GirishayaThe God Who Sleeps On Kailash MountainOm Girishaya Namah
62AnaghayaHe Who Is PureOm Anaghaya Namah
63BujangabhushanayaLord Adorned With Golden SnakesOm Bujangabhushanaya Namah
64BhargayaLord Who Ends All SinsOm Bhargaya Namah
65GiridhanvaneGod Whose Weapon Is A MountainOm Giridhanvane Namah
66GiripriyayaLord Who Is Fond Of MountainsOm Giripriyaya Namah
67krittivasaseGod Who Wears Clothes Of Elephant SkinOm krittivasase Namah
68PuraratayeDestroyer OF Town Or “Pur” Named EnemyOm Purarataye Namah
69BhagawateGod Of ProsperityOm Bhagawate Namah
70PramathadhipayaGod Who Is Served By GoblinsOm Pramathadhipaya Namah
71MrityunjayayaVictor Of DeathOm Mrityunjayaya Namah
72SukshmatanaveGod Who Has A Subtle BodyOm Sukshmatanave Namah
73JagadvyapineGod Who Lives In The WorldOm Jagadvyapine Namah
74JagadguruveGuru Of All The WorldsOm Jagadguruve Namah
75VyakeshayaWhose Hair Spreads In The SkyOm Vyomakeshaya Namah
76MahasenajanakayaFather Of KartikyaOm Mahasenajanakaya Namah
77CharuvikramayaThe Guardian Of Wandering PilgrimsOm Charuvikramaya Namah
78RudrayaThe One Who Gets Sad By The Pain Of DevoteesOm Rudraya Namah
79BhutapatayeLord Of Panchabhoota Or BhootapretaOm Bhutapataye Namah
80SthanaveFirm And Immovable DeityOm Sthanave Namah
81AhirbudhnyayaThe One Who Possess KundaliniOm Ahirbudhnyaya Namah
82DigambarayaThe God Whose Robes Is The CosmosOm Digambaraya Namah
83AshtamurtayeLord Who Has Eight FormsOm Ashtamurtaye Namah
84AnekatmaneThe God Who Possess Many FormsOm Anekatmane Namah
85SatvikayaLord Of Boundless EnergyOm Satvikaya Namah
86ShuddhavigrahayaLord Of Pure SoulOm Shuddhavigrahaya Namah
87ShashvatayaLord Who Is Eternal And EndlessOm Shashvataya Namah
88KhandaparashaveLord Who Wears Broken AxeOm Khandaparashave Namah
89AjayaThe One Who Is BoundlessOm Ajaya Namah
90PashavimochakayaLord Who Releases All FettersOm Pashavimochakaya Namah
91MridayaThe Lord Who Shows Only MercyOm Mridaya Namah
92PashupatayeLord Of AnimalsOm Pashupataye Namah
93DevayaLord Of DevasOm Devaya Namah
94MahadevayaGreatest Of The GodsOm Mahadevaya Namah
95AvyayayaThe One Who Never Subject To ChangeOm Avyayaya Namah
96HarayeSame As Lord VishnuOm Haraye Namah
97BhaganetrabhideThe Lord Who Damaged Bhaga’s EyeOm Bhaganetrabhide Namah
98AvyaktayaShiva Who Is UnseenOm Avyaktaya Namah
99DakshadhwaraharayaDestroyer Of Daksha’s Conceited Sacrifice (Yagya)Om Dakshadhwaraharaya Namah
100HarayaThe Lord Who Dissolves All Bondage And SinsOm Haraya Namah
101PushadantabhideOne Who Punished PushanOm Pushadantabhide Namah
102AvyagrayaLord Who Is Steady And UnwaveringOm Avyagraya Namah
103SahasrakshayaOne Who Has Limitless FormsOm Sahasrakshaya Namah
104SahasrapadeThe Lord Who Is Standing And Walking EverywhereOm Sahasrapade Namah
105ApavargapradayaLord Who Gives And Takes All ThingsOm Apavargapradaya Namah
106AnantayaThe One Who Is unendingOm Anantaya Namah
107TarakayaThe Lord Who Is Great Liberator Of MankindOm Tarakaya Namah
108ParameshwarayaThe Great GodOm Parameshwaraya Namah

3) LORD SHIVA the devotee of LORD RAMA.

a) Lord Shiva is the biggest devotee of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu is the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva. They both mediate about each other at the same time.

When Lord Ram was a new born baby, Lord Shiva came to see his lord in Ayodhya in the form of Sadhu baba accompanying him a Devotee of all the childhood form of Lord Vishnu KagBhushundi also known as Shri Kak Bhusundi, is a sage found in Hindu Scriptures in Hinduism, he is also considered as one of the greatest devotee of lord Ram….. He has also been famous for his many other qualities like he is one of the Chiranjivi’s an immortal living being in Hinduism who are to remain alive on Earth until the end of the current Kali Yuga. (Another interesting aspect is story goes that Kakbhushundi had been granted boon that he will not forget any knowledge that he attained in his previous lives. Besides in general also if you see kak is a very intelligent and cunning animal, who has a high life span).

After reaching the ayodhya, Lord Shiva and Kakbhushundi were not allowed entry since huge crowd were in line to see the Ram lala, The gatekeeper said to Lord Shiva, we can’t allow you to come inside right now, come back later.

Shiva Ji Felt Daunted, he later sat on the banks of the river sarayu with Kakbhushundi and both of them started praying to Rama…. Rama… Rama… Rama…. Rama… O Rama I came here to see you but your dwarapala has asked me to come back again after sometime.

Externally Lord Ram Was a small Child but his Soul was Omniscient, seeing his Lord not getting entry in ayodhya, lord rama started crying, while seeing his child crying mother Kaushalya, Mata started trying consoling him, but the more she tries to console him the more Lord Rama started screaming. Till the time Mother Got really concerned, by the time she understood that Bal Rama need something and he is only crying in acting, but since he was crying continuously as if a big disaster has happened & just she can’t resist. One sakshi Said to Mata kaushalya that somebody’s evil eye has befallen on your lala from the huge crowd, sakhi said let’s go and find somebody who can remove the evil eye from our lala.

Rama Lala Sitting inside the Sakhi, Guiding them to reach to Lord Shiva worshiping at the banks of River Sarayu. The sakhis came and asked Lord Shiva, Babaji do you know how to remove the evil eye from the child. Lord Shiva Smiled and Said yes, I know very well. Now the sakhis brought Shivaji in Ayodhya who has been pushed out earlier, now he is walking as the royal guest of kaushalya.

The moment Lord Shiva Enter the room of Kaushalya, Lord Rama Crying like anything, lord Shiva Said without saying a word,. Oh Lord what kind of leela you do. The ocean of Divine Bliss (Lord Rama). That is why he got the name lord Rama, in his leela crying like a small child. Lord Shiva Smiling in his Mind what a Leeladhar Lord Vishnu is, even in his Child Form he is doing such unmatchable leena. Lord Rama Looked at lord Shiva and Stopped Crying. He started doing his childhood giggling. Mata Kaushalya seeing the transformation got extremely impressed and thought that the baba is a siddh and said that baba I am indebted to you. Shiva ji thought I should also take the advantage of this and do some leela. Mata If you want give your child in my lap, I will do something that nobody will ever cast an evil Eye on your child. She handed baby Rama to lord Shiva, Seeing Lord Rama on Lord Shiva Lap, Kakbhushundi also touched the feet of Lord Rama from his head.

Mata Said Babaji can you also foresee or predict the future of my lala. Lord Shiva Said Oh yes Mayya, your child will become the most famous Human that has ever taken birth. His fame will spread over 3 worlds, people will build temples for him. Mata Become Thrilled after hearing sadhu’s word.

b) Lord Shiva at the time of Drinking the Poison from the ocean took the name of Lord Rama, and the adverse effect of poison got neutralized.

C) Rama is the purest/perfect form of a Man, He is defined as the Role Model of All. So much so that even while chanting his name can make the human sins free.

There are a lot of stories of Lord Shiva that can enlighten us. Will keep on sharing those stories with you. Thanks for reading.

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