Crispy Potato Rolls Recipe- How to make Quick Potato Roll-

North Indian Crispy Potato Rolls Recipe by The ABS Food Factory. Potato Snacks has always been one of the most loved snacks across India. There are so many snacks recipe to try. Try this simple yet delicious recipe for your family.

We have seen in our homes, our mother filling our hunger with quick potato snacks, this recipe is one of those, I still remember how my mother used to quickly make this recipe in the evening whenever I have demanded, this recipe is so simple, don’t have a lot of ingredients in it yet is very tasty & can be served very quickly.

If you ask 10 people whether they love potato snacks or not, 8-9 out of 10 people will end up saying yes, Even I am no different. All these Indian Mother recipe are so satisfying and yummy.

So Let’s Straight Get Into reading how do this lovely recipe is prepared.

The Ingredients of Crispy Potato Rolls Recipe are.

1) Potato- 4-5,

2) Garam masala – 1 TBSP

3) Red chili powder – 1TBSP

4) Salt – Add to Taste

5) Turmeric – 1 TBSP

6) Semolina: Roll the Potato Patty in dry Semolina.

7) Garam masala – 1TBSP

8) Refined oil – as required- Deep Fry & Shallow Fry Both are fine.

Now Lets Get Into the Preparation Part.

1) Boil 4-5 Potato.

2) Mix Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric, Garam Masala/Chaat Masala & Salt in Boiled Potato-

3) Make Patty In cylindrical Shape.

4) Cover the Patty with Dry Semolina.

5) Deep Fry In Preheated Edible Oil.

6) Keep the Flame at low while frying the Roll.

7) Remove the Roll once it turn out to be Golden brown.

8) Serve it with Tomato Ketchup.

9) Coriander and Cheese on top of it for the final touch.

10) Serve the crispy Aloo Roll with love.

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