Best 5 web scrapping online tools that every professional must know

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Web scraping tools are the major addition in the world of software development. It is considered as a vital extraction mechanism when it comes to website information. So, if you are a data analyst or data science professional watching out for a tool that can help in data collection from the internet, then there are several tools that you can opt for.

To give you a basic understanding, here are the major web scraping tools that are available online.

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1. ScrapingBee

This is an API that handles proxy management and headless browsers. ScrapingBee web scraping is used to rotate proxies and execute JavaScript on the pages to get the raw HTML page. Additionally, it eliminates the chance of getting blocked and fits well as Google search scraping tool and amazon scraping.

2. Luminati

As many might have heard of this tool, Luminati is considered as a next-gen data collector that is ideal for the website. This offers a customized and personalized flow of data for a single dashboard. It is a tool that fits perfectly with the social networking and eCom trends to collect data for market research, competitive intelligence, and data sets. As a result, the business owner can offer tailored solutions to the customers.

3. ScrapingBot

The user-friendly and easy-to-understand web scraper works well with the detailed guide that gives a brief overview of it to the user. This tool is ready-made and Application Programming Interface for the website. It works perfectly with business data sources and is versatile with the data.

4. Apify SDK

This is one of the best web scraping and crawling tools that is used for JavaScript. This tool also allows developers to extract data, develop, and automate web easily with puppeteer, and headless chrome.


Dexi is a detailed feature web scraping tool that offers real-time data extraction compiled with a simple interface to the users. The tool includes Digital Capture Robots that is an in-build machine learning technology making it easy for the users to extract the data in the right manner. This scraping tool works well for image data extraction and text based on cloud solutions that make it easy to export the data to Amazon S3, Google Sheets, etc.

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