Android open source version will support Rust programming language

Android open source version will support Rust programming language

Android to work with Rust programming language for the open-source version and enhance the quality of the OS.
Android open source project will support Rust with the motive of minimising the bugs from systems memory safety and develop operating systems.

Kotlin and Java are the prominent programming languages when it comes to Android app development that works in low-level programming like C++ and C. Rust will now help in enhancing the OS.

Rust to enhance OS capabilities in Android

The Android team works with C and C++ languages that offer better control and predictability along with memory management. Nevertheless, there are ambiguous and multithreaded mistakes in the codebases that are noted by the team.
Rust will secure memory safety since it merges compile-time checks for lifetime or object ownership. The runtime checks will also be combined to validate memory accesses and C and C++ execute the same thing.
Rust can deem the deceitful input using the C or C++ process in a sandbox. Using sandbox is costly with no guarantee of security system vulnerabilities, as stated by Google.

Why Rust

The major advantage of Rust that makes the developers jump into it is due to its ability of variable initialisation.
Rust is also a major platform for Mozilla, adopted in earlier 2021. The major focus is to construct Firefox’s Servo browser engine with the replacement of 16,000 C++ lines of code. These lines of codes are compiled in 85,000 lines only.

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