5 Surprising Ways. Sports is more Refreshing than Gym.

I have always seen Sportsmen/Sportswomen holds the Strongest personality, Sports Holds a great potential to improve your physical & Mental fitness, more so than exercise when the individual components are considered. I am not suggesting that playing Sports Once in a while will make you Cristiano Ronaldo Or Virat Kohli; gyms have their place but take Football, Cricket, Rugby, Hocky as an example. Playing a game or two each week may increase your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination, reaction time, concentration and power; all this while burning up to 1000kcals in an hour. And it’s not just the Sports that I have mentioned the same applies to Badminton, Table Tennis, Surfing and climbing.

The Best thing About Sports is that you don’t need to worry Specific Body part, as it improves the overall body fitness.

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Here are some of the benefits of Sports-

  1. Mental Conditioning 

In addition, research has shown that sport is superior when compared to exercise routines in improving mental health.

Close to 82% Indians are suffering from stress on account of work, health and finance-related concerns, a global well-being study conducted by healthcare major Cigna Corporation has found.

“Stress levels in Students has increased immensely, I still remember at my young, I used to play Cricket, Badminton, Football and different other outdoor games for at least 4-5 hours without Fail, This has ensured the physical and Mental Fitness, But now a days with the level of stress the kids have due to studies, Mobile, Laptop & PC gaming is impeccable.

2. Social Life-

The social aspect of sport must also be considered. I have met people While Playing Sports In my young days those are the people whom I consider close friends and I find those are also my strongest relation.

Kids, Office Going People & even Adults also have developed a sense of Envy among each other, most of the people like to stay in their houses and goes to Gym for Physical Fitness.

But What About the social Connect Which has given most cherished memories and lifetime friendship?

Sport can provide a support network, friends for life and can provide the opportunity for colleagues, family and strangers to let their barriers drop and have fun.

And the ultimate aim is to enjoy life in everything we do! Sport is not only likely to increase the pleasure of physical activity but this enjoyment is likely to increase adherence.

3. Ensured Controlled BP & Keeps us Stress Free.

While Playing Sports with Friends is Fun, We enjoy every bit of it. There are multiple studies which suggest that sports controls the Blood Pressure and reduces the stress much faster then any other activity.

4. Best to get rid of Insomnia.

During my Childhood, when I used to play different sports I never had a problem in sleeping, infact in a span of 2-3 Mins I used to fall asleep, I am Sure this must be common with all those who used to play sports or still playing.

Insomnia is a very common and big problem it is a sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. There are cases where people find it difficult to sleep for 2-3 consecutive days.

Now A days a lot of people are fighting with Insomnia due to the amount of stress they have in their life.

5. 0 Dent On your Pocket.

Playing Sports Is Almost Free except you are taking costly membership in Sports Club.

Playing Sports in Park & Outside don’t need much money

Outdoor workouts are often completely free of charge, because exercise parks, sports tracks, stairs and other exercise locations outdoors are usually open to all and free of charge. Outdoor exercise is good for your wallet!

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